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bug: mouse-look doesn't give the full 360 in a single pass, and unfocusing and refocusing the browser doesn't adjust the center-point of mouse-look. (common solution with most browser-games with this issue)

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Thanks for the comment!

I am aware of this bug. At the time of creation, I had not yet learned how to lock the cursor, so in windowed mode this becomes an issue. I plan on re-visiting my code after graduating to fix this issue.


That's not a very fun game, but a very good school project. The game is pretty intuitive and graphics are simple but not so bad and the scenario is simple. Nothing was buggy there. So no, that won't be a game that i recommend to try, but it's a nice begining for maybde discouver the world of creation of video games.

Thanks for your comment! Yes, the game was definitely meant to be more of a project/proof-of-concept than an actual fun game, but I like that you think it was intuitive.